My passion is designing and optimizing professional sites for small businesses.

Clean Responsive Design

Quality web design looks good on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The wide world of screen sizes is only becoming more diverse and a good website looks good on all of them.

Lightning Fast Load Times

Code minified? GZIP compression? Caching like a boss? I this stuff. Nobody wants to wait for loading and certainly not your clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine algorithms are always changing. Staying on top of your search game is the only way to make sure that you can be found when you want to be.

My Process

It's been an amazing journey working on project after project and quite the learning experience.

1. Discuss

Discussing my client's goals and working on the best solutions for them is a pleasure. I love hearing business owners stories of how they came to be and what they want for their web presence.

2. Create

Creating quality work takes drafts, mocking up the idea, and editing to match specs. All the while keeping a keen eye for detail.

3. Product

A finished product the client can be proud of. It's taken me years of work to get to the level of quality I am at today. I make sure my work reflects that.

I love my job.

Latest Work

Life Insurance By Jeff

Inviting, clean quoting widget.

I was recently asked to make this cool little quoting widget fo Jeff Rose. I designed the whole site some time ago. But I am thorughly enjoying going back and updating some

Check it out.

Freeport Bakery

Scheduling a Wedding Cake Consultation.

Freeport Bakery needed a way to schedule wedding cake consultations through their website. After too many no-shows there needed to be a way to accept a deposit, schedule a time, and cancel appointments all through the website. Using the awesome Accuity platform both the bakery and the customers are happy.

See it live.

Insight Coffee

A central location for all your coffee news.

Insight has amazing coffee. No doubt about it. They also take great care with their web presence. Together we created a slick responsive email template and a good looking website. Their newletter area has the best and latest info when it comes to coffee culture.

Drink it in!